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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Does your old tile & grout look dingy? Give it a fresh new look with our Unique Tile & Grout Cleaning System!   


After a careful inspection of your floor, we will recommend the appropriate cleaning method, cleaners and sealers that will be required. We will look at your tile type to determine if it is ceramic, porcelain, glazed or not, or if it is a natural stone or even vinyl. We will also look at the condition of the tile and check the type of grout that has been used. All of these factors will determine the best cleaning method needed. 

Step 1: Pretreat with Professional tile & grout cleaner unique to your tile type. 

Step 2: Physically Scrub the grout lines and tile to remove any soil and stains. For grout that has an extreme build up and staining we will recommend Machine Scrubbing the floor. This will be a restoration cleaning of the tile.

Step 3: High Pressure Steam Clean & Extraction process to remove even the deepest of soils.

Protect your tile & grout with our high quality Decade Sealer.  This unique hybrid polymer system creates a semi-permanent sealer which creates a barrier to resist many common floor stains. This hydrophobic barrier resists stains such as asphalt, neozone (anti-oxidant), urine, coffee, tea, mustard, catsup, Kool-Aid, grape juice, rust and betadine. The sealer resists normal floor finish stripping to provide prolonged floor surface protection. 

Tile and Grout Cleaning in Tampa, New Tampa, Brandon, Riverview, Lithia and surrounding areas.


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 Mysterious Odors? They Might Be Coming From Your Grout! 

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Mysterious Odors?


Mysterious Odors? They Might Be Coming From Your Grout!  

Ever walk into a home or property and smell a faint but offensive odor and can't quite figure out where it's coming from? If you have odors that you can't quite identify the source, it just might be coming from your grout lines. Think about it. Unsealed grout is porous. That means it is full of tiny holes. Everything that comes in from the bottom of shoes can get deposited and ground in. Food and drink spills, pet accidents, and other substances can get trapped in the holes. Trapped moisture can result in mold and mildew forming. Regular sweeping, mopping, or even janitorial services clean the surface but do not remove contaminants embedded in grout lines and may even drive these unwanted substances in further. Stone and tile restoration contractors resolve all kinds of problems, from polishing dull floors and counter tops to repairing chips and cracks to etches, stains, and more. But, did you know that removing odors from grout lines is another valuable service your tile and grout cleaning contractor can help you with? Professional deep cleaning can break down and flush out contaminants, sanitize grout lines, leave you with clean and fresh results impossible to achieve with regular cleaning methods. If the source of the odors is biological, an enzyme treatment can be done. Don't forget to have your grout lines sealed following a deep cleaning. This will protect them from spills being able to penetrate beyond the surface. The next time you smell a faint odor and can’t tell where it is coming from, remember, the source may be your grout lines. Having your grout lines professionally cleaned along with carpet cleaning will not only leave your home or business looking better, it can clear the air and resolve some mysterious odor problems. 

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Tile Cleaning Riverview, Tile and grout Cleaning Tampa,
Tile Cleaning Riverview, Tile and grout Cleaning Tampa,